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Have you always wanted to have your own website for your business or personal development? Try our prices! We design and develop websites and we are confident that you will be proud to own our creations! Services we provide:


·       hosting and domain registration

·       html websites including flash websites

·       Mobile applications development


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Software Development

Let us develop any application/system for you using either VB.NET or Java. We can intergrate your system with any of the following:

COBOL, SQL Server, ASP.NET, Microsoft Access, or any other application.

Hosting: Package

Sub domain: free of charge (i.e. the website address becomes part of the domain:


Main Domains: Let us give you a quote on, etc.)

                        Free support for the first month!

                        Free site maintenance every 3 months

                        Subject to 12 months contract

                        Get a free toolbar for your site.

                        Unlimited sub domains, email accounts

                        Registration is our baby, you do not worry.

                        Free setup...


For non-basic site, the specification is submitted by the customer.